Components define conversation structures of a Subject. They are available for all Subjects except for the Q&A type, and there are two different types of Components: Diagnostic Components and Normal Components. Unlike Normal Components, Diagnostic Components are used for diagnosing a problem in the Subject, so they are only available in Diagnosis Subjects.

Component Availability for Subject Types

  • Q&A Subject

    There is no Component available.

  • Info Search Subject

    Normal Components: Selection (Class) and Parameter (Bundle)

  • Query Freestyle Subject

    Normal Components: Condition, Selection (Class) and Parameter (Bundle)

  • Diagnosis Subject

    Diagnostic Components: Diagnostic Condition and Diagnostic Selection (Class) Normal Components: Condition, Selection (Class) and Parameter (Bundle)

Add and Manage Components

Add Components

To add a Component directly under a Step, which we call a top-level Component, click + Add Component button. To add a Component under another Component, which is considered as a child Component, hover over an existing Component that will be its parent and click + button located on the right.

To add underlying Components like Diagnostic Selections, Selections and Parameters, hover over the Class or Bundle, and click + button.

Manage Components

You can edit or delete a Component. Open the more actions menu of the Component.

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