Manage global keys

Keys are used in Subjects to hold a specific value for a Component or for webhook result mapping. A Subject can have local keys used only in the current Subject or keys used across the Scope shared with all other Subjects in the Scope, which are called global keys. You can add and manage global keys on the Scope details page. While local keys are available for both binding keys and webhook result mapping, global keys are only available for binding keys used in Component settings.

How to add global keys

  1. In Scopes, select a Scope that you want to add a global key to.

  2. Click Global Keys.

  3. Enter global key names.

  4. Click Submit.

How to delete global keys

  1. Open the more actions menu of the global key.

  2. Click Delete.

How to use global keys in Subject

As mentioned above, global keys are only available for binding keys of Components. To use a global binding key, choose the Global tab and select a key from the dropdown menu.

Key List

The key list shows the keys used in the current Subject. If there is a global key used in the Subject, it will also show in the list with the global key icon. To see where in the Subject the keys are used, click the key details button. Note that it shows where the keys are used in the current Subject for the global keys as well.

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