Add Subject

Before you begin

You need to create a Scope in order to add Subjects to it. To learn how to create a Scope, see Quickstarts: Create Scope.

Add Subject

Select a Scope to add a Subject to. From there, click Add Subject. Select a Subject type that matches your session goal. For detailed information about Subject types, see Concepts: Subjects. Fill in the form and click Add.

Subject Name

Create a subject name that describes effectively what the subject is about.

Query statement

The Query Statement is the statement that the AI is going to recognize. To setup the Query Statement, just click on Set up Query Statement.

After clicking on Set up Query Statement, a pop up will show on your screen, just enter the statement for your subject then click on Recognize Statement.

The recommended statement is the statement which is semantically related to more ontologies and can generally capture more statement structures with the same intent. To use the recommended statement, just tick the checkbox saying Use Recommended Statement.

Additional Statement to Recognize

Users can configure more than one Query Statement per subject. Just click on the second Set Up Query Statement button and recognize any statement which may be related to the subject.

Select Subject

If you have created Subjects, you will see all of them on the Scope details page. Click a Subject to go to its details page.

Manage Subject

You can manage your Subjects on the Scope details page or on the Subject details page. Click the more actions menu to edit or delete your Subject.

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