Live Chat
You can manage your Live Chat, and those who interacted with your selected Scope. Live Chat also offers the capability to let your Agents directly converse with your end-users through Mind Expression whenever there is a need.

You can easily access the Live Chat and select a Scope when you clicked the Scope selection on the drag button.
Once selected, it will be showing the live sessions where your users currently interact.

On the left square, you can see and select the list of channels you can view. Each channel has a corresponding list of users, and session details. Note that you will be only able to see the channels you have already integrated.
On the right square of the screen, there describes what is the Channel and the Session time when the users have already interacted with your Scope.

The highlighted red box describes how you can interact as an Agent by just simply clicking the button. Once clicked, you can type as an Agent and will reach the users directly.

Once the Agent has interacted with the user, the AI will automatically disconnect and the Live Chat session will take over.
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