Why Mind Expression

What is Mind Expression?

Mind Expression serves logic-based conversational AI and the backbone for business logic automation. It comprises two integral components: "HLI-Automate" and "HLI-X".

The “HLI-Automate” represents a significant leap forward in the realm of "Business Logic Automation", introducing cutting-edge capabilities for automating intricate business processes.

The "HLI-X" is designed as a "Deterministic Control Tower", providing a centralized and deterministic control mechanism, ensuring precise oversight and management of various processes within the system. Together, these components form a robust infrastructure catering to both sophisticated conversational AI and intricate business logic automation needs.

Why Mind Expression is different

HLI-X stands out as a seamlessly integrated solution within conventional AI frameworks, addressing the shortcomings inherent in conventional AI systems. It successfully navigates beyond the limitations of conventional AI frameworks by mimicking human thought processes. While many companies primarily rely on conventional AI, such as Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), for their business needs, these frameworks often present challenges in effective control due to technical limitations, leading to compromised practicality.

HLI-Automate serves as a transformative solution, streamlining complex processes through automation while maintaining seamless collaboration with human input. This system is designed to minimize potential errors that may arise from manual processes while strategically optimizing human intervention.

What Mind Expression can do better

HLI-X enhances efficiency and accuracy by incorporating human logic and thought processes. This approach not only mitigates the limitations of conventional AI but also contributes to achieving specific business objectives. HLI-X thus emerges as a sophisticated solution, harmonizing human-like logic with the practical demands of AI, unlocking new possibilities for businesses seeking precision and effectiveness in their business solutions.

In scenarios where critical decisions demand human insight, HLI-Automate ensures a balance, guaranteeing efficient, adaptable, and precise management of unique business processes. This approach not only enhances overall workflow efficiency but also promotes a symbiotic relationship between automation and human expertise, contributing to the seamless functioning of business operations.

What only Mind Expression can do

  • Transparency: it is well known that ML/statistical/NN implementations are "black box" technologies.

    • In contrast, the primary model we utilize, the Canonical, is modeled to be understood by both a human being as well as a machine, so transparency is available at every level.

    • Our model is a Cognitive model: the phrases are understood logically and are logically related to other parts of the ontology by their meanings.

    • In other words, the other systems only approximate meaning, whereas we deal with actual meaning, that makes sense to everyone.

  • No other platform offers the capability of Context Hopping, which is seamlessly integrated into any conversation or business process flow created by developers, requiring no additional setup.

    • What is available in other platforms is a set of very rudimentary connections that are arbitrarily connected, and whose context is lost unless specifically programmed into the AI model that is being developed.

    • Hopping means jumping from point to point in a Subject and between Subjects, where no context is lost in between the "hops".

    • Where there is more context needed to properly enter a new query, we automatically go to where the required information is collected.

    • Another related feature is "arbitrary entry points", which are like hopping into a flow from nowhere; these are also provided without additional setup.

  • Since everything is logically understood, the transfer of knowledge is built-in.

    • Between domains, an ontology that is understood by a certain context can be translated into other contexts for different domains (analogical reasoning, based on the cognitive model of abductive, deductive, and inductive reasoning).

Why a developer should use Mind Expression

  • With a context-aware development interface, developers can easily create complex expert logics and test them to enhance AI capabilities for achieving business goals.

  • Context hopping is automatic and does not require configuration, as everything serves a specific purpose, maintaining context throughout conversations or business processes.

  • In a context-aware development environment, developers have access to components and actions for easily adding logical elements at each step of the building process.

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