Facebook Messenger

Connect with Facebook Messenger

Connect the Scope with Facebook Messenger to activate your conversational AI in Facebook Messenger.

Before you begin

  • To integrate your Scope with Facebook Messenger, you need a Facebook Page that will be used as the identity of your Messenger experience. To create a new Facebook Page, visit Create a Page.

Integrate Scope with Facebook Messenger

  1. Click Integration on the Scope details page of Mind Expression.

  2. Click Connect under Facebook Messenger.

  3. In the popup, click on Connect with Facebook

  4. Another popup will appear, enter the credentials for the facebook account managing the facebook page.

  5. After logging in, click on Edit Settings to check the list of pages that are going to be used with Mind Expression.

  6. After checking the pages that are going to be used, click Continue, Save, and then Got it.

  7. Choose the page from the Facebook Page drop down menu.

  8. After choosing the Facebook page, just click on Connect.

  9. When the scope is already connected to the page, users will be able to access the CAI by sending a message to the facebook page.

Test Scope with Facebook Messenger

  1. Use any Facebook account and visit the Facebook Page.

  2. Send a message to the Facebook Page on Facebook Messenger with the configured subjects.

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