Steps are useful to manage the conversation flow when it gets more complex, for example by having multiple Components. It helps you organize the flow better and easily look at the whole picture. Every step is required to include one top-level Component, and it can have child Components if necessary; to add a new sibling Component, you need to add another Step.

Add Steps

You can add a Step only if there is at least one Component in the current Step.

  1. Click on the add button.

  2. Enter the name.

Rearrange Steps

You can change the sequential order by moving the Steps. Just drag a Step to where you want to place it.

Edit Steps

You can modify the name of a Step.

  1. Open the more actions menu.

  2. Click Edit

  3. Enter the new name

  4. Click the save button

Delete Steps

  1. Open the more actions menu.

  2. Click Delete.

  3. In the popup, confirm and click Delete.

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