Test and debug

While building a Subject, you can always access Sandbox and test the Subject in real-time. Start a test session in Sandbox and you can check the AI action details by clicking on each AI message. Observe the AI actions and debug your Subject accordingly. To learn more about Sandbox, see Concepts: Sandbox.

Start a test session simply by entering a customer input message. The AI will answer the message correspondingly. When you are done testing the session and ready to start a new one, you can click Reset at the top right in the panel.

AI Action details consist of two parts: How AI Reasons and Conversation Model. To check AI Action Details, simply click an AI message in Sandbox.
  • How AI Reasons
    How AI Reasons shows the customer input message and how AI interprets it.
  • Conversation Model
    The conversation Model shows the current Component of the message and the Component path, webhook details for the webhook involved actions, how AI responds, and reference information if applicable.
  • Messages with fallback or an escalation error are displayed with a red error icon. If a fallback occurs, you can see the reason for the fallback in the AI Action Details. For escalation errors, you can see the webhook request and response details and report the error to the Mind team if needed.
  • You can make changes to the Subject during the Sandbox test. Since newly made changes are not applied to your current test, you need to reset Sandbox and start a new session after debugging.
  • If the conversation meets the Subject's goal or cannot proceed further, the session will terminate.

    If there is no customer input message for 3 mins after an AI response, the session will expire.
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