Target Messages

How-to Guide for setting up Target Messages.

Scheduled Messages

Send Target Messages

By clicking on the green send message button seen above, a custom message can be written which can then be sent to users in the selected integrated channel or set a schedule for the message to be sent by clicking on the schedule message button as seen in the image below.

Template Messages

There are four available templates to create target messages.

  1. Text - send plain text messages to the end users.

  2. Image - send an image to end users.

  3. Cards - send an image with buttons to the end users.

  4. Quick replies - send a plain text message to end users with pop up buttons to choose from.

Free format

A free format message allows the users to configure the scheduled message either through plain text or coding.

Past Messages

This section displays all messages that were sent to users in the past. It can be filtered either through integrated channels or by the time the messages were sent by clicking through the arrow beside the time sent column.

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