Google Sheet

Connect with Google Sheet

Connect the Scope with Google Sheets to do the functions below.

  • Insert Row (Send the Scope data to Google Sheets)

  • Get Row (Return Google Sheets data to the Scope)

  • Update Row (Update Google Sheets with the Scope data)

Before you begin

Prepare the google sheet file to integrate with.

Integrate with Google Sheet

  1. Open the scope then go to the integrations section.

  1. Click on the Connect button under Google Sheets.

  2. On the popup screen, click on Connect with Google

  3. Login your google account.

  4. Once logged in, click on Connect.

  5. After connecting, an API key will be provided to be used in a webhook for Google Sheets.

Setting up Google Sheet Webhook

  1. Go to the Scope page and click on Webhooks on the left side menu.

  1. Enter the following details to create the google sheet webhook: Base Webhook URL: Basic Auth: Paste the API Key from the Google Sheets integration page.

  2. After submitting the webhook details, it can then be used as a webhook to read and write in a google sheet.

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