Connect with LINE

Connect the Scope with LINE to activate your conversational AI in LINE messages. For more information on the LINE Messenger API, see the guide from LINE.

Before you begin

Integrate Scope with Line

  1. If you are new to LINE Developers Console, create a new provider. Click Create a new provider.

2. Enter a provider name and click Create.

3. On the provider page, click Create a Messaging API channel in the Channels tab.

4. To create a new channel, complete the form and click Create.

5. Confirm the information and click OK.

6. Once the channel is created, you will be directed to the channel settings page.

7. Scroll down to find Channel secret field and copy the channel secret key.

8. Click Integration on the Scope details page of Mind Expression.

9. Click Connect under LINE.

10. Paste the channel secret in the Channel Secret text field.

11. Come back to LINE Developers and click Messaging API tab.

12. Find Channel access token and click Issue.

13. Copy the issued channel access token.

14. Paste the channel access token in the Channel Access Token text field.

15. Copy Webhook URL and click Connect.

16. Come back to Line Developers and find Webhook URL under Webhook Settings. Click Edit.

17. Paste the Webhook URL in the Webhook URL text field. Then, click Update.

18. Click Verify and see if the validation was successful, then click OK.

19. Turn on the Use webhook toggle.

20. Find LINE Official Account features and click Edit for Auto-reply messages.

21. In Response settings, find Detailed settings. Click Disabled for Auto-response and click Enabled for Webhooks.

Test and release Scope to public with LINE

LINE doesn’t require further permissions to launch the LINE app to public. Your LINE app is immediately accessible to others.

  1. Scan the QR code for the LINE bot on the Messaging API page. Once the bot profile appears in the mobile app, click Add. You can start a conversation by clicking Chat after adding the bot as a friend.

4. Send messages to the bot.

5. You can audit the test conversations on the Conversation History page of the Scope. Test conversations with integration are listed on the Live tab.

Custom UI

Allows you to customize your messages' appearance according to your desired theme.

  1. Go to your Scope and click Custom UI.

2. Upon visiting the Custom UI, it allows you to modify the color of the following items:

  • Card Background

  • Card Title

  • Card Subtitle

  • Card Button Background

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