The Mind Expression reasoning engine continuously learns and adapts new ontologies. You can also educate the AI with your domain knowledge. We support ontologies management, recognition check of ontologies, semantic relations, entity types, and entity management on Knowledge. Knowledge data is shared with all Scopes.

Ontologies Composition

My Ontology

My Ontology has two parts "My Ontologies" and "System (Extended)." My Ontologies is where you can add your ontology into Mind Expression to educate the AI. Whereas in System (Extended), users can extend more to cover words or sentences at a local level or global level.

Recognition Check

The Recognition Check feature allows you to check the system's existing ontologies. When you search for an existing ontology, it will return sentences with similar meanings.

Semantic Relations

Semantic Relations allow you to have choices to know what is the relationship of your statement to one another. To know more about Semantic Relations, please visit Semantic Relations

Entity Types

Literal Entity Type

Literal entity types include Literal Values used by API interaction and entities. Add and manage literal entities for references often used in conversations with your customers.

Regex Entity Type

Add and manage entities with Regular Expressions, which are sequences of characters that specify a search pattern. Regex entities are helpful for string-searching algorithms or input validation.

Entity List

In Knowledge, you can view lists of entities defined by you and the system entities.

My Entities

All entities defined by you are listed in the My Entities tab. You can add and manage user-defined entities here.

System (Extensible) Entities

You can view system entities that are extensible in the System (Extensible) tab. You cannot edit or delete them, but extend them as you need.

System Entities

All inextensible system entities are available for view in the System Entities tab. These entities cannot be edited, deleted, or extended.

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