Connect with WhatsApp

Connect the Scope with WhatsApp to activate your conversational AI in WhatsApp.

Before you begin

  1. You need to have a WhatsApp business account.

Integrate Scope with WhatsApp

  1. Go to Facebook Developer page and create a Business app.

  1. Add a WhatsApp product to your Facebook App.

  1. Click on Webhooks – use the Callback URL and Verify Token to create an event in the WhatsApp Webhook Setup.

  1. Copy the Callback URL and Verify token from the scope’s WhatsApp integration settings.

  1. Paste the Callback URL and Verify token from Mind Expression to the WhatsApp configuration.

  1. After saving, click on manage on the Webhook section, and subscribe to messages.

  1. Go to Whatsapp > Getting Started, and copy the Whatsapp Business Account ID.

  1. Paste the WhatsApp business account ID to Mind Expression’s WhatsApp integration settings.

  1. On the getting started page in meta for developers, add your business phone number to connect to the app by clicking on Add phone number.

  1. .Fill out the required information then click Next.

  1. Add the business phone number for the WhatsApp CAI.

  1. Go to the Facebook business and click on Business settings.

  1. Go to the System Users page and click on Add assets on the right side of Assigned assets. If there is no system user yet, create one first and set the user role as an Admin.

  1. After clicking on Add assets, go to Apps and click on the name of the app you created for WhatsApp. Turn on the Manage App toggle then click on Save changes.

  1. Go to the WhatsApp Accounts, click Add People to add the user created in Step 13, and turn on Manage WhatsApp account.

  1. Go back to System users and click on Generate new token.

  1. Select the permissions below then click on Generate token.

    • whatsapp_business_messaging

    • whatsapp_business_management

  1. Copy the Access token and paste it as Access Token in Mind Expression’s WhatsApp integration.

  1. Click on Authorization and select the phone number used for the WhatsApp application.

  1. Click Connect

Testing the CAI

  1. Using a different phone number, add the phone number used in the WhatsApp business account.

  2. Send a message to the business account with a configured statement.

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