Connect with Instagram

Connect the Scope to activate your conversational AI in Instagram.

Before you begin

  • To integrate your Scope with Instagram you need an Instagram Business Account where the CAI will be integrated to. To create an Instagram Business Account, visit Start a Business Account.

  • Your instagram business account must also be linked with one of your facebook pages. To link your Instagram Business Account, visit Link Business Account. This process can be done through the instagram mobile application.

  • The instagram account is logged in at Meta Business Suite

  • Click on the Get Started button on the right side to login

  • Allow Access to messages, this can be done by going to Instagram Settings > Privacy > Messages > Toggle on Allow access to messages

Integrate scope with Instagram

  1. Click Integration on the Scope details page of Mind Expression

2. Click Connect under Instagram

3. In the popup, click on Connect with Facebook

4. Another popup will appear, enter the credentials for the facebook account managing the facebook page.

5. After logging in, click on Edit Settings to select the linked Instagram Business Account.

6. Select the Business Account you want to integrate with then click Next.

7. Select the facebook page linked to your Instagram Business Account then click Next

8. Click Done, and then Ok.

9. Select the Facebook page linked to your Instagram Business Account then click the green Connect button.

10. After clicking Connect, the Conversational AI is then integrated into the Instagram Account.

Test scope with instagram

  1. Use any instagram account and visit the integrated Instagram Business Account.

  2. Send a message to the Instagram account with the configured subjects

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