Create Scope

You need to sign up and sign in first in order to access the Mind Expression builder. Click Get Started at the top right of the screen to sign up or sign in to continue.

Click Go to Builder at the top right of the screen or Build Your AI for Free to access the builder.

Once you access the builder, you will be on the Scopes page. From there, click Create Scope. Choose a Scope mode that labels the Scope, whether it is for development or production. Then enter a name for the Scope. The time zone is pre-selected based on your location. If you wish to choose another, open the dropdown menu and select a time zone. Click Create when done. For more information about Scope, see Concepts: Scopes.

You will see all your Scopes on the Scopes page. Click a Scope to go to its details page.

You can manage your Scope from the Scope list or on the Scope details page. Open the more actions menu to edit or delete your Scope.
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