Webhooks and escalation


The way your AI communicates with external enterprise systems is using webhooks. A webhook is a way for a system or app to provide another system or platform with real-time data in JSON, XML, or form-encoded serialization. Mind Expression is currently only allowing JSON as a standard data interchange format. The main purpose of a webhook is for data integration between our platform and the enterprise's backend system using a service URL.

Webhooks pertaining to a Scope require configuration to become available to a Subject. Preconfigured webhooks will be used when configuring a Subject for response message manipulation. Currently, Mind Expression supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and Basic Authentication for security authentication mechanisms. You can also manipulate the HTTP headers of the webhook. Mustache template will be used to manipulate a JSON template in the form of a DSL (Domain Specific Language), or to build a GET URL (query Parameter or resource URI). JSONPath will be used to parse data from the JSON payload.


Using an escalation URL, which is an optional webhook, you can send the entire chat script to your enterprise backend system to the human agent on the escalation in case of unsuccessful session termination.

On escalation, Mind Expression sends the entire chat script to the escalation webhook endpoint. The sample JSON schema is as follows.



  • What subject the escalation happens


  • The same HTTP header that was sent on conversation API from the enterprise system


  • A unique identifier to distinguish between conversations for your reference



  • A query from the customer


  • The response from Mind Expression

  "subject": {
    "id": "7805b4a9-7128-462b-a7c1-5c04cbb2643b",
    "name": "Change Mobile Package",
    "logical-form": "User wants to change the mobile package"
  "http-headers": [
      "name": "uuid",
      "value": "2826452c-ce7e-4f59-9e14-105a489909f4"
  "conversation-id": "b8103db7-d31d-4c1a-a6c2-3bf6958fa254",
  "conversations": [
      "timestamp": 1615861988000,
      "user": null,
      "ai": [
        "Welcome to Mind Expression. How can I help you?"
      "timestamp": 1615861999000,
      "user": "I want to change my mobile package",
      "ai": [
        "These are the Mobile Phone numbers you have. 0101002000 0101012001 0101022002 Which Mobile Phone Number do you want to change package?"

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