Connect Viber with Mind Expression

Create a Viber bot and get a token.

  1. An Active Viber account on a platform that supports bots (iOS/Android). This account will automatically be set as the account administrator during the account creation process.

  2. Active bot - Create a bot here. Note: an active Viber account is needed to receive the login code to access the bot creation page.\

3. Copy and paste the token somewhere.

4. Open your browser and go to the integration page of the scope that you want to connect with Viber.

5. Select the Viber and click Connect.

6. Copy and paste the token you got from Viber inside the Token section.

7. Go to the Viber Admin Page and log in.

8. Upon opening your Viber Admin Account, you will be able to see the QR code.

9. Use the QR code from Another Viber Account to start messaging.

Custom UI

Allows you to customize your messages' appearance according to your desired theme.

  1. Go to your Scope and click Custom UI.\

2. Upon visiting the Custom UI, it allows you to modify the color of the following items:

  • Card Background

  • Card Title

  • Card Subtitle

  • Card Primary Button Background

  • Card Primary Button Text

  • Card Secondary Button Background

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