Google Calendar: Use Cases

Integrate with Google Calendar

Check, Create, Change, Add, Remove

Case 1: To check the schedule in google calendar

1.1. Assistance Scope:

  • User: Do I have any meetings today?

  • AI: Your google calendar showed you would have {{summary}} with {{attendees}} at {{start.dateTime}} to {{end.dateTime}}.

1.2. Company Admin Scope:

  • User: Is the meeting room available at {{date_start}}?

  • AI: The meeting room is booked from {{start.dateTime}} to {{end.dateTime}}. It is available for booking at other times.

1.3. Company Admin Scope:

  • User: Can I deploy to me-demo, right now?

  • AI: Sorry, Your google calendar showed you would have {{summary}} at {{start.dateTime}} to {{end.dateTime}}. Please avoid updating me-demo.

Case 2: To create a schedule in google calendar

2.1. Secretary Scope:

User: Can you help me add an event to my calendar?

AI: Of course! What's the title of the event? User: {{summary}}

AI: When is the event? User: {{date_start}} AI: I have added {{summary}} to your calendar on {{start.dateTime}}.

Case 3: To delete a schedule in google calendar

3.1. Secretary Scope:

  • User: Can I cancel a meeting with {{user_email}} tomorrow at 3 pm?

  • AI: Your meeting has been canceled with the following: {{attendees}}

Case 4: To add people to a schedule in the google calendar

4.1 Company Admin Scope

  • User: Can you invite {{user_email}} to the meeting on Monday 9am?

  • AI: The meeting you have on Monday 9am is {{meeting_title}}, is this correct?

  • User: Yes

  • AI: {{user_email}} has been added to your meeting: {{title}}. The new list of attendees are: {{attendees}}

Case 5: To change a schedule in google calendar

5.1. Administrator Booking Scope:

  • User: I want to change my booking on {{from_date}}.

  • AI: Let me check the schedule first! You have schedule on {{from_date}}.

    Title : {{summary}}

    Do you want to change this?

  • User: Yes

  • AI: Great! When do you want me to change this schedule?

  • User: {{to_date}}

  • AI: Cool! Schedule has been changed! Title : {{summary}}

    Description : {{description}}

    When : {{to_date}}

Case 6: To check the description of the meeting in google calendar

6.1. Assistance Scope:

  • User: What is the objective of the meeting at {{date}}?

  • AI: The objective of the meeting is as below. Title: {{summary}}

    Description: {{description}}

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